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With hassle-free contracts that never lock you in to our services and above all offer you our Satisfaction Guarantee Standard, we will complete each cleaning project on-budget and on-time in accordance with the established project management plan crafted by and for you.


Post Construction Cleaning

Based in the Greater Toronto Area and the ability to serve Ontario, Guaranteed Clean is Ontario’s premier post-construction cleaning company that can eliminate 99.9% of the dust and turn any size of newly (re)constructed space into a new and beautiful space.

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Luxury & Fine Detail Cleaning

Treat the aesthetic of your space and see the finer details between the walls. Guaranteed Clean is privileged to service a portfolio of premier facility spaces within the Greater Toronto Area. Featuring our most polished, professional and hospitable crew members.

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Floor Refinishing

Rigorous standards and quality materials result in the most optimal polish and protection you can get for your floor finishes, including vinyl composite tile (VCT), linoleum and other luxury vinyl finishes. Guaranteed Clean with over 20 years combined experience.

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COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection Services

The technicians at Guaranteed Clean recognize the difference between sanitization and disinfection through use of Health Canada approved chemicals to kill germs and viruses on surfaces or objects. Let us help you with our 360 total disinfection process using COVID-19.

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Real Estate Cleaning

Putting a home on the market or changing over your AirBnB tenancy? Let Guaranteed Clean present your home feeling brand new again with our rental and home listing cleaning services that fit your budget.

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commercial cleaning

Retail & Grocery Commercial Cleaning

Swish, swish…give your floors that clean, polished, glowy and wet floor look. Guaranteed Clean offers a range of maintenance programs from full-service, daily and periodical.

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Window Cleaning

Whether commercial or residential, Guaranteed Clean ’s window technicians can perform high-level reach and window washing of up to 60 feet. Post construction or routine window washing will be conducted by our professionals with access to equipment including scissor and aerial lifts.

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officeclean 1

Office Cleaning

Regardless of whether you subscribe to daily, weekly, periodical or a one-time deep clean service, Guaranteed Clean stands behind its performance and quality service guarantee. Our clients are proud to have selected Guaranteed Clean, as routine contracts are not just “routine.”

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High-Pressure Power Washing

The PSI and choice of gas or electric depends on the nature of the facility, but our equipment is designed and used to meet and exceed any challenge, whether commercial, industrial or residential. High pressure washing is an effective solution to external cleaning challenges.

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Industrial Floor Cleaning and Other Speciality Cleaning

Guaranteed Clean welcomes challenging and complex projects and has served companies both large and small with services including dry ice blasting, industrial floor sweeping and scrubbing for warehouses exceeding 500,000 square feet, and degreasing solutions for mechanical and factory floors.

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